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You have the possibility to book accommodation either on Hilton Slussen or Scandic Malmen (8 minute walk from Hilton) to a discounted rate.

Please note that you can choose between paying for your stay separately when checking out at the hotel, or collecting the payment at the same invoice as your registration fee for the conference.
About our privacy policy

All of the information that we ask of you in this form is collected in order for us to facilitate the meeting, logistics, accommodation, payments etc. We will share relevant information with our partnering travel agency and hotel for the same reason. We do not distribute any information to any other third party, and our partners treats your information with the same security. We might keep your name and email in order to contact you for future events, but you are always free to opt out of any further invitations.
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You can choose from a range of room types, depending on what location and room/bed size you are after:

Hilton, Queen size, 1 person - 2 270 SEK
Hilton, Queen size, 2 person - 2 420 SEK
Scandic, Queen size, 1 person - 1 690 SEK
Scandic, Queen size, 2 person - 1 840 SEK
Scandic, King size superior, 1 person - 1 990 SEK
Scandic, King size superior, 2 person - 2 140 SEK

All prices are including VAT and breakfast, per night.
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The conference is held at Hilton Slussen. Scandic Malmen is located close by, on Medborgarplatsen, one stop on the subway or just a 10 minute walk from Hilton.

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Queen size: 140 cm bed
King size superior: 180 cm bed

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You can choose between paying with credit card at check out at the hotel, or getting it collected at the same invoice as for your conference registration.

Please note that you have to register for the conference before booking your accommodation.
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Thank you for booking your accommodation for the conference. An email confirmation is on its way to {{answer_dsEF}}

Please note that we will use the same billing information as for your conference registration for registration no. {{answer_RlRE}}. If you want us use other billing information for your hotel bill, or want to change your reservation, please contact Niklas at

We are looking forward to meeting you in Stockholm!
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